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Lindsay S
Instant Golden Glow!!

Wow!! I use this product religiously. It transforms my skin with an instant glow that is dewy and plumping. My fine lines and hyperpigmentation have reduced. I had never heard of Aguaje oil before and it's an Amazon secret that everyone should try!
I will never use another oil again!

Erin Johnson
One of the best products for tightening skin and evening complexion

Ever since my mid twenties I have struggled with dark spots and an uneven skin tone. Now in my forties, the infamous crows feet became a thing. Its taken me years, and thousands of dollars, to find a skin product that worked. When i finally discovered Aguaje, my skin did a 180! It feels amazing when applied, and you can immediately feel the skin around the eyes firm up,

My skin hasn’t looked this good since my teens!!

Derek French
Amazing product! Most effective I’ve found!

I’m 49, male, an acupuncturist and herbalist. I’ve tried many high end skin care products over years, and researched natural ingredients in pursuit of something that truly makes a difference. As a young teen I was overprescribed accutane and tetracycline for minor acne- major regrets. The skin on my face lost its elasticity in my 30’s, and began to sag, and deeply crease. The first time I used this product I felt my skin absorb it in a way I never have felt before. In just a few days the lines in my face softened, my skin looked more full and radiant. Results improve as I use it; twice daily. This product is incredible. I feel differently about aging, having found it. Thank you!

Jasmine Star
Amazing amazing beauty oil.

This is hands down the best beauty oil I have ever used. I have used many other beauty oils but never finished the bottle because they leave it to oily. BUT with this Ajuaje oil, as soon as I am done, I am ready to buy the next bottle.
It leaves my skin smooth and moisturized but not oily or sticky as other skin oils do. I was a little nervous about the color but it absorbs and leaves a natural glow to my skin and works beautifully under my mineral tinted sunscreen. After using for the last few months I don’t have to wear make up anymore as my skin looks more even in tone with the oil and my skin texture is smoother. It works well over my serums as part of my night time routine too. I have just started to using it for my hair too! Mixing in a few drops in a bowl of warm water and dipping the ends of my hair. I noticed my hair absorbs the oil quickly and then use the rest of the water for the final rinse. And Wow! my hair shined beautifully and didn’t leave it greasy as I thought it would. I have combo type 1b, 1c and 2a. And gets really dry and frizzy. This oil calms and moisturizes all that frizzy. This oil is excellent!

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