About Us

Welcome to AMA Botanica!

Our Story:

At AMA Botanica, our roots run deep in the rich soils of biodiversity and ecological mindfulness. Our commitment transcends simple commerce, embracing regenerative practices and fair-trade principles that honor both the land and its caretakers. Our exotic oils is the fruit of partnerships with local and indigenous Peruvian community who, with great care, wildcraft, cultivate, and sustainably harvest the treasures of the Amazon rainforest.

AMA Botanica is more than a brand; it is a collective of Peruvian visionaries uniting the bounty of the rainforest with the world of clean beauty. Leading with integrity, we are at the vanguard of the industry, supporting ethical and socially responsible practices from wild harvest to finished product.

Our high-quality Aguaje Oil embodies our dedication to the full spectrum of our value chain. We actively seek the latest insights to refine our processes, ensuring an equilibrium that favors the environment, empowers people, and creates skincare superfoods that nourish body and soul.

Mission Statement and Core Values:

 At AMA Botanica, our mission is simple: connect nature's gifts to you while caring for our planet. We work closely with Peruvian farmers to bring you pure, natural beauty product that support their livelihoods and protect the rich Amazon rainforest.

Our goal is clear – to celebrate and preserve the Amazon rain forest wonders. We're here to make a difference with products that are kind to your skin and the environment. We believe in beauty that's rooted in nature's goodness and benefits everyone involved.

We supporter sustainability, women's empowerment, and forest restoration. Our commitment is to ethical practices and making sure every ingredient's journey, from the Amazon to your home, is transparent and responsible. With AMA Botanica, choose beauty that's good for you and the Earth. Join our journey to a more balanced and beautiful world.

Product Philosophy and Uniqueness:

AMA Botanica, product philosophy is centered on the purity and unique benefits of the Aguaje fruit, an extraordinary gift from nature. Our flagship ingredient, 100% pure cold-pressed Aguaje Oil, is drawn from the Mauritia Flexuosa, renowned for its rich concentration of essential fatty acids and potent antioxidants like beta-carotenoids.

This singular ingredient is what sets our products apart in a crowded market. Free from preservatives, silicones, and added fragrances, our oil is a testament to our commitment to vegan and cruelty-free beauty solutions.

 Our Aguaje Oil is not just a product; it's a holistic experience designed for everyone, suitable for a variety of skin types and conditions:

  • Evening out skin tones, granting an immediate with natural radiance.
  • Visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles, refining skin texture.
  • Hydrate and enhance skin elasticity, maintaining its youthful bounce.
  • Stimulate natural retinol production, fostering collagen synthesis for a firmer skin matrix.
  • Provide deep nourishment and improve skin suppleness.
  • Support skin's natural renewal process and accelerate cell turnover.
  • Shield the skin from environmental stressors and pollutants.
  • Soothe and calm troubled skin conditions.

We take pride in our sustainable practices, ensuring our oils are wild-harvested, organically grown, and sourced from single-origin, which aligns with our unwavering principles. With AMA Botanica, whether it's our Golden Beauty Oil or any of our enriching skin vitamins, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world where beauty is in sync with nature, enhancing your daily skin and hair care rituals.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices:

AMA Botanica proudly upholds the principles of sustainability and ethical practices, recognizing the importance of these values in today's informed market. We are dedicated to eco-friendly operations, responsible sourcing, and fostering a positive environmental and social impact.

Our commitment is evidenced by the Certificate of Origin from Peru's Ministry of the Environment through SERNAP, which authenticates the origin of our Aguaje seeds sourced directly from indigenous Amazonian communities. These partnerships are central to our mission, supporting the creation of sustainable economies.

AMA Botanica partners with local communities engaged in sustainable agroforestry practices. We utilize non-invasive collection methods, employing ropes that protect the integrity of the palm trees. These advanced harvesting techniques contribute to reducing deforestation and encourage the propagation of native species.

The Aguaje palm, or Mauritia Flexuosa, is an ecological powerhouse, improving water quality and capturing carbon, which benefits the environment where other crops cannot survive. Cultivating Aguaje comes with its challenges, such as identifying the fruit-producing female plants amidst a thick canopy that shades the forest floor. Yet, the resilience of these communities prevails as they skillfully incorporate Aguaje into their agricultural systems, a crucial step in preserving the Amazon's ecological harmony and rich diversity.

Discover the essence of the Amazon rain forest with AMA Botanica. 🌿 Join us in our journey to harmonize beauty with nature. Explore our products, be part of our community, and let's sustain the green heartbeat of our planet together.