What is Golden Beauty Oil


About Golden Beauty Oil; Aguaje oil

Our first initiative is to bring this amazing Golden oil to you, our customer.  Our products such as Golden Beauty Oil (Aguaje oil) is a single-origin, pure, cold pressed and never adulterated. This oil features benefits unlike any you have ever encountered before. We find high concentrations of Botanic components that are only found in remote regions of Peru, in the high altitudes of the dry tropical jungle to the lowland landscapes of the Amazon basin.

The production of our Golden oil is part of re-imagining artisan commerce as a driver for environmental and social change.

 Our Golden beauty oil are part of diversified agroforestry systems that aim to make monocultures a practice of the past and create long-term sustainability for local communities.

 Our oils are in their purest form, offering you the most authentic and pure benefits of what each plant has to offer.

This oil features a scent unlike any you've encountered before. Peru's unique regions, from the tropical jungles to the lowlands of the Amazon basin, have unique natural formulas. 

Whether you use our Golden Beauty oil for your daily skin and hair regimen or for your best skin and hair formula, let us transport you to a place where you are inspired by and connected to nature. 

 Our oils are of the purest quality, from potent and unique Peruvian plants. But the coolest part is that they are regenerative. This means that they play a role in bringing back resources that we are losing on this planet and creating a future where people and ecosystems can thrive.

 Ama Botanica offers high quality for the growing demand for organic natural cosmetics and herbal supplements from Peru used in the personal care industry. Our goal is to continue to use innovating technology to support sustainability and support conscious management of biodiversity.

 We want to share some of the most inspiring gifts from the botanical world, but in the purest form possible. That is why our values include producing oils that are wild-harvested, organically grown, single-origin, never diluted, never GMO, and are Beyond Organic.

 We strive to be leaders in the ethical production of artisan botanicals that play a key role in restoring biodiversity, and creating sustained livelihoods for local communities. We celebrate the power of plants.


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